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  常见英语动词短语 篇1


  act as 担任……职务,起……作用 act for 代理(某人职务),代为(处理某事) act out 表演(对话、故事等) act up 捣乱,出毛病


  I acted as an interpreter while I was in Xiamen.

  Mr Black is acting for the old man in his case、(布莱克先生代那个老人处理他的案件。) The children were acting out the story of the birth of Jesus.

  He’s a tough kid and he acts up a lot.


  break away 摆脱,脱离 break away from … 脱离……,奋力挣脱…… break down 出故障,坏掉,中止,累垮,分解

  break in 打断,插话,闯入,强行进入 break into … 闯入……,破门而入 break (sth) off (使某物)折断,中断某事物,突然停止

  break out (战争、火灾)突然发生,爆发

  break out in tears 突然大哭

  break the rule 违反规定

  break through 突围,冲跨

  break up 分解,分裂,拆散,碎开 例如:

  The thief broke away from the police, but was later caught.

  If you keep on working like that, you’ll break down sooner or later.

  The car broke down just on my way here.

  If anyone tries to break in, the alarm will go off.

  If anyone tries to break into the building, the alarm will go off.

  She broke off a bit of bread and dipped it in the soup.

  I broke off the conversation and answered the phone.

  Does everyone know what to do if a fire breaks out?

  It may take a long time to break through the problem.

  In spring the icebergs begin to break up.


  bring about 引起,导致,使发生 bring along 把……带来,领来

  bring back 拿回来,使恢复 bring sb back 送回某人

  bring sth / sb back to life 使……生动/活泼,使……苏醒

  (比较:sth / sb come back to life 复苏,苏醒)

  bring down 使……降低,减少,使……倒下,使……落下

  bring down / up (the price) 降价/提价 [比较:(the price ) go down / up 价格下降 /上涨] bring in 引进(技术),赚钱,带来(收入),吸收

  bring on 发展,引起,导致,使前进

  bring out 拿出,出版,生产,揭露,阐明,使表现出

  bring to 使苏醒

  bring … to use = put …to use 对……加以利用

  bring / carry sth to / into effect 实施……(比较:sth come / go into effect 开始实施)

  bring up 抚养,培养,哺育


  A huge amount of environmental damage has been brought about by the destruction of the rainforests.

  You’re welcome to bring along a friend.

  The government hopes these measures will help to bring down inflation (通货膨胀)、American country music brings in more than $10 billion each year.

  This new kind of technology was brought in in the early 1980s.

  Stress can bring on (=lead to / result in) headaches and other illnesses.

  Jenny opened the cupboard and brought out a couple of bottles.

  He was brought up by his grandparents.


  call at (sp) 访问(某地),拜访(某地) [比较:call on (sb) 拜访(某人),访问(某人)] call back 回电话

  call for 提倡,号召,要求,需要,去接某人,接走某人

  call / shout for help 呼救 call in 请来,召集,来访,打电话 call off 取消 call on / upon 号召

  call out 大声呼喊,叫喊 call sb…for short 简称某人…… call sb names 谩骂某人 call up 给……打电话,使人想起,号召 例如:

  We called at Mike’s house yesterday.

  All ships sailing on the oceans call for help by radio in English.

  I’ll call for my uncle at Beijing Railway Station.

  Let’s call in a doctor for the little girl.

  Many of these songs called on / upon the workers to take up the struggle.

  I shall call on him tomorrow.

  I heard somebody calling out to me from downstairs.

  Call me up tomorrow; my number is 536291.

  Your letter calls up the days when we worked together fifteen years ago.

  Due to the bad weather, the sports meeting has been called off.


  come about 发生,产生 come across 偶然相遇

  come along 来,随同,进展,加油 come at … 向……袭击

  come back 回来,想起来,复活 come down 下来,下落,传下 come down to… 到达,从一处来到另一处

  come for… 来拿,来取 come from… 来自,出生于

  come in 进来,进入 come into being 形成,产生

  come into use 使用起来 come off 脱落,从……离开 come on 过来,跟我来,加油,来吧,赶快

  come on / upon sb / sth 偶然遇见,偶然碰上,偶然发现

  come out 露出,出来,出现,出版,发(芽),(花)开

  come over to… 过来,顺便来访,从一个地方来到另一个地方

  come round / around (非正式)来访,串门

  come to … 来到,出现,提及,达到,共计,结果是,苏醒

  come to an end 结束,终止 come to know 逐渐地知道 come to life (变得)活泼,苏醒过来 come to light 显露,为人所知

  come to oneself 苏醒过来,恢复知觉 come to / into power 当权,上台 come / go to ruin = fall into ruin 变成废墟 come to terms with… 甘心忍受 come true 变为现实,成为事实

  come up 被提出,上来,走来,上升,抬头,长出来

  come up to sb 朝某人走来

  come up with … 提出,想出(主意),找出(答案),赶上


  A number of educational reforms have come about as a result of the report、I came across an old friend of mine in the street the other day.

  Your English is coming along really well.

  Come along / on! Don’t give up yet!

  Come along / on! We’re all waiting for you!

  Suddenly, he came at me with a knife.

  Now, let’s come back to what I was saying a moment ago.

  It is impossible for a dead animal to come back.

  Snow was coming down so thickly that I could hardly see through the window、The airplane came down in that field.

  Where does the film star come from, do you know?

  Mr Smith came in in a hurry, book in hand (= with a book in his hand).

  The law first came into being in 1912.

  By the time he came to / into power in 1951, he was already seventy.

  How long is it since the electronic computer came into use?

  The button came off, but he didn’t notice it.

  There is no doubt that the truth will come out one day.

  The trees turn green and flowers come out.

  This magazine comes out once a month.

  Why don’t you come around / round for lunch?

  Some day you’ll come to know the mistakes you have made.

  If they don’t come to a decision by midnight, the talks will be abandoned.

  I’ve forgotten her name, but maybe it’ll come to me later.

  The bill came to 480 in total.

  His dream of becoming a film star came true at last.

  A child came up to me and showed me the way.

  The same problems came up at the meeting yesterday.

  They came up with the same problems at the meeting yesterday.

  Searching through the drawer, I came upon the letter I’d been looking for.


  cut away 切除,剪去 cut down 砍倒,砍下,削减

  cut in 插嘴,加塞,插入 cut in line 插队 cut … into pieces / halves 把……切成碎片/切成两半

  cut off 切断(线路),中断(供应) cut out 删除,剪下来

  cut the cost of … 降低……的`成本 cut up 切碎,剪碎,剁碎,齐根切掉


  He cut away some branches, making it look more beautiful.

  A lot of trees there were cut down in the past.

  The electricity was cut off because of the storm.

  He was sentenced to death and had his head cut off the next day.

  Could you cut the pizza up, please?

  常见英语动词短语 篇2

  1)be back/in/out 回来/在家/外出

  2)be at home/work 在家/上班

  3)be good at 擅长

  4)be careful of 当心,注意,仔细

  5)be covered with 被……覆盖

  6)be ready for 为……作好准备

  7)be surprised (at) 对……感到惊讶

  8)be interested in 对……感兴趣

  9)be born 出生

  10)be on 在进行,在上演, (灯)亮着

  11)be able to do sth。 能够做……

  12)be afraid of (to do sth。 that…) 害怕(做)……

  13)be angry with sb。 生(某人)的气

  14)be pleased (with) 对……感到高兴(满意)

  15)be famous for 因……而著名

  16)be strict in (with) 对事(人)严格要求

  17)be from 来自……

  18)be hungry/thirsty/tired 饿了/渴了/累了

  19)be worried 担心

  20)be (well) worth doing (非常)值得被……

  21)be covered with 被……覆盖……

  22)be in (great) need of (很)需要

  23)be in trouble 处于困境中

  24)be glad to do sth。 很高兴做……

  25)be late for ……迟到

  26)be made of (from) 由……制成

  27)be satisfied with 对……感到满意

  28)be free 空闲的

  29)be (ill) in bed 卧病在床

  30)be busy doing (with) 忙于做……(忙于……)

  31)come back 回来

  32)come down 下来

  33)come in 进入,进来

  34)come on 快点,加油,跟我来,得了

  35)come out 出来,出版

  36)come out of 从……出来

  37)come up 走近,发芽,被提出

  38)come from 来自……

  39)do one‘s lessons/homework 做功课/作业

  40)do more speaking/reading 多做口头练习/朗读

  41)do one‘s best 尽某人最大努力

  42)do some shopping (cooking,reading, cleaning) 购物(做饭,读书,打扫)

  43)do a good deed (good deeds)做一件好事(做好事)

  44)do morning exercises 做早操

  45)do eye exercises 做眼保健操

  46)do well in 在……某方面干得好

  47)get up 起床

  48)get everything ready 把一切都准备好

  49)get ready for (=be ready for) 为……作好准备

  50)get on (well) with 与……相处(融洽)

  51)get back 返回

  52)get rid of 摆脱,除去

  53)get in 进入,陷入,收获

  54)get on/off 上/下车

  55)get to 到达

  56)get there 到达那里

  57)give sb。 a call 给某人打电话

  58)give a talk 作报告

  59)give a lecture (a piano concert)作讲座(举行钢琴音乐会)

  60)give back 归还,送回

  61)give sb。 some advice on 给某人一些关于……的忠告

  62)give lessons to 给……上课

  63)give in 屈服

  64)give up 放弃

  65)give sb。 a chance 给某人一次机会

  66)give a message to…… 给……一个口信

  67)go ahead 先走,向前走,去吧,干吧

  68)go to the cinema 看电影

  69)go to bed 睡觉(make the bed 整理床铺)

  70)go to school (college) 上学(上大学)

  71)go to hospital 去医院看病

  72)go over 复习,仔细检查

  73)go fishing/skating/swimming/shopping 去钓鱼/滑冰/游泳/买东西

  74)go home (there) 回家(去那儿)

  75)go round 到处走动,绕道

  76)go up 上去

  77)go out for a walk 外出散步

  78)go on (doing) 继续(做……)

  79)go shopping 去购物

  80)go on with one‘s work 继续某人的工作

  81)go upstairs/downstairs 上/下楼

  82)(the lights) go out (灯)熄了

  83)have a lesson (lessons)/a meeting 上课/开会

  84)have a football match (basketball match) 举行一场足球(蓝球)赛

  85)have dictation 进行听写

  86)have a try 试一试

  87)have a good/wonderful time 玩得很高兴

  88)have a lecture (a piano concert) 听讲座(听钢琴音乐会)

  89)have a report/talk on 听一个关于……的报告

  90)have a glass of water (a cup of tea) 喝一杯水(一杯茶)

  91)have breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭

  92)have a meal (three meals) 吃一顿饭(三餐饭)

  93)have bread and milk for breakfast 早饭吃面包和牛奶

  94)have (have got) a headache 头痛

  95)have a fever 发烧

  96)have a cough (a cold) 咳嗽(感冒)

  97)have a look at 看一看……

  98)have a rest (a break) 休息一会儿(工间或课间休息)

  99)have a talk 谈话

  100)have a swim/walk 游泳/散步

  常见英语动词短语 篇3

  1、take away 拿走

  2、take off 脱下,起飞,休假

  3、day off / have off 休假

  4、take photos 拍照

  5、take some medicine 服药

  6、turn on 开,旋开电灯,收音机等

  7、turn off 关上电灯,收音机等

  8、turn down 把音量调低

  9、turn up

  10、turn in 交出,上交

  11、turn…into… 变成

  12、turn…over 把……翻过来

  13、at once 立刻 at last 最后

  14、at first 起先,首先

  15、at the age of… 在……岁时